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Canonical Visit or
Pharisaical Inquisition?

They want to Destroy the Church and this we cannot permit!

“Ah, let me, let me cry out everywhere: Fire! Fire! Fire! Help! Help! Help! Fire in the House of God! Fire in souls! Fire even within the sanctuary! Help for our brother who is being murdered! Help for our children whose throats are being cut! Help for our Father Who is being stabbed!”[1] said St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort prophetically, as if gazing upon the Holy Catholic Church in our days


I. Introduction

NON POSSUMUS! We are faced with a new Calvary! A new deicide! They have crucified Christ and now they crucify His Spouse! We cannot permit this destruction of the Church!

May the shepherds of souls come forward! We convoke “all those worthy priests, who are to be found throughout the world, those still in the fight and those who have withdrawn to deserts and secluded places, let them, I say, come and join us!”[2] We convoke the good bishops and holy cardinals, the shepherds chosen by Jesus Christ who cannot deny His Most Holy Name! The defenders of the countless faithful who, without the compass of the truth, are at risk of sinking in this ocean of errors and horrors…

Come, also, intellectuals, writers and all artists! We convoke the entire faithful people! Come forth, pious persons of all ages! Adhere to this crusade of action and of prayers, for the sake of the Holy Church!

There is no longer any doubt! We act based on CERTAINTIES! The hour has come to resist filially, but to resist! For far, far, far less, Paul resisted Peter to his face (cf. Gal 2:11 )! Let us, therefore, open our eyes and not be deaf to the clamours of God: “Today, when you hear his voice, harden not your hearts” (Hb 3:7-8)!

Moreover, as John Paul II said, “Do not be afraid!”[3] Paul VI denounced that the “smoke of Satan has entered the sanctuary!”[4] Benedict XVI, yet among us, announced that the “dictatorship of relativism” [5] has been established!Estandarte mar 2

This is what we cry out! We, members of the Heralds of the Gospel, dissidents of the glorious and unsettling TFP – Brazilian Society for the Defence of Tradition, Family and Property – and who define ourselves, in the words of our Father and Founder, Dr. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira,[6] as those who do not bend both knees, nor even one, before Baal; who have the Law of God written on the bronze of our souls, and do not permit that the doctrines of this century engrave its errors on this bronze which the Redemption has made sacred.

We want, here, to direct a word to Catholics of the whole world who find themselves perplexed before the situation of Our Mother, the Holy Church. We know that there have arisen everywhere, in the upright conscience of those who truly love the teachings of Christ, various questions: how should we reconcile the dubious words of Francis – for example, those found in his document Amoris Lætitia – with the doctrine that the Catholic Church has always taught us in the catechism, from the pulpits, and in the confessionals?

And in the field of facts, how to admit, to give just a few examples, that a Cardinal – the Italian, Francesco Coccopalmerio – did not know that his secretary promoted sexual orgies right within pontifical territory, with the unbridled use of drugs? What to think of the choice of an active homosexual to administrate Casa Santa Marta, in the Vatican? What are this accommodation for Cardinals and the apartments for the Curia being turned into?

Moreover, how can it be believed that Francis was unaware that Cardinal Pell was accused of paedophilia in Australia, upon designating him as responsible for the finances of the Holy See? And how to accept the elevation to cardinalship of an archbishop, Msgr. Jean Zerbo, involved in a financial scandal, in the very midst of the pontificate of poverty and of divestment? How could a Franciscan – the now archbishop Msgr. José Rodriguez Carballo – who came close to wrecking the seraphic order in Italy, be named as secretary for the Congregation for Religious?

Many other questions arise, with apparently no clues for where to look for answers… and while the doubts against the Faith spread throughout the Christian world, having their origin in that which should be the very Chair of Truth, the so-called “Pope of Mercy”, perhaps having forgotten those who effectively suffer for the Church, opens the doors of this same Church to the enemies of the Faith and prepares a Pharisaic visit with the name “canonical”, to destroy the Heralds of the Gospel. And so we address to its proponents only one of our questions: where there is neither Veracity nor Justice, can there be judgement?

Attention! The time has come to expose the plot, so long ago set up to disfigure and destroy the Mystical Body of Christ, the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church! The Heralds are under attack, but it is the Catholic Church whose destruction is intended! To prove it, let us take a look at the history of this institution and raise new questions…


II. What happened after the death of Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira?

SDP MJC Igreja Consolacao

After more than twenty years, one can reveal without faltering that the Catholic Church observed, with certain apprehension, a discreet though very concrete internal dichotomy within the group founded by Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: on one side, a latent spirituality, presaging something along the line of a religious order. On the other, an intellectual movement, a think tank of an inclination and a political action markedly of the Right.

On both sides, respectable values existed. However, what preoccupied the Catholic Hierarchy were not the values, for values are always good: the question was whether the emerging institution, full of strength and vigour, attractive and at the same time intimidating, would be within the boat of Peter, or merely in its vicinity, subject to storms and squalls, and without an experienced captain at its helm…


However, the work of Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira suffered a division soon after his death, and a disciple, João Scognamiglio Clá Dias, founded a new movement with profound roots in the authentic interpretation of the doctrine and the good tendencies of Vatican Council II. Thus was born the Heralds of the Gospel, whose work and charm captivated countless faithful in all spheres – and the Heralds grew with a celerity seldom known in history, bringing John Paul II to approve them as the first Private Association of the Faithful of Pontifical Right in the third millennium.

Could it be that the Polish Pope, his Secretary of State, and Mons. Giovanni D’Ercole ‒ former capo ufficio of the Sector of General Affairs of the Secretary of State of the Vatican ‒ unforgettable coordinator of the Pontifical Approval, did not know what they were doing by placing the Heralds of the Gospel within the Church?

After John Paul II, Benedict XVI rose to the Pontifical Throne: he was discreet and penetrating, a silent but astute strategist, the theologian of equilibrium and of the just measure. During a visit to Brazil, he came to face with “strong growth among the sects, which are often very dubious because, for the most part, they promise only prosperity, external success.”[7] But it was not just this that he observed. In his perspicacious and tactful book, Light of the World, Pope Ratzinger recorded that within that rising nation, he could observe “new Catholic awakenings, a dynamic of new movements, for instance, the ‘Heralds of the Gospel’.”[8]

He had certainly made an in-depth study about the past and the activity of the Heralds of the Gospel to refer to them ‒ they were, in fact, the only organization mentioned in his book ‒ as “young people who are seized by the enthusiasm of having acknowledged Christ as the Son of God and of bringing him into the world.”[9]

Or would it be possible that the Roman Pontiff Emeritus, together with his Cardinal Franc Rodé ‒ the then Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life ‒ examined only superficially the work of the Heralds of the Gospel and the history of Msgr. João Clá, whose unblemished life merited that the two Societies of Apostolic Life he founded were approved in record time? Could they have, in vain, conferred upon him the title of Honorary Canon of the Papal Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore, as well as the prestigious medal “Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice”?

The respectability attributed to the previously mentioned dignitaries does not permit one to believe in such a hypothesis…

However, the pontificate of Benedict XVI came to term, put to end by a renunciation with singular traits, completely unheard of in bimillenary ecclesiastical history. And we arrived, ultimately, to the time of Francis: a pope coming “from the end of the world”, from juvenile America that gazes upon Europe as a lady well done in years, who is respectable, but decrepit.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, with his ostensibly simple manners, astounded the Catholic and non-Catholic world in stripping himself of the papal limousine, the pontifical apartments, the red shoes, the gold cross, and almost everything else… Appearing on the Loggia de San Pietro he simply called himself “the Bishop of Rome”. Within a short period of his pontificate, the world ‒ unfortunately only the world! ‒ acclaimed him as a man who was the perfect fit for his time…


III. Faced with the pontificate of Francis, the attitude of the Heralds of the Gospel

Had we to seriously analyze the way that the Heralds of the Gospel have proceeded during the present pontificate, we will find not a single criticism, nor any insinuation against him, even when the ultra-conservatives grumbled about the unbridled divesting of humble Francis, or shuddered at affirmations that hurt the ears of the more devout. At no moment did the Heralds manifest any desire to “go out of line”.

On the contrary, they behaved as good sons of Noah, preferring to cover the nudity of their own father than to attack him, even in face of attitudes that could cause discord among the supposedly more faithful offspring. Even when some cardinals ‒ the Germans, Walter Brandmüller and Joachim Meisner, the Italian Carlo Cafarra, and the North American Raymond Burke ‒ presented to Francis, and the world, their doubts regarding his famous document Amoris Laetitiae, the Heralds had certainties, and certainties based on concrete facts, but they did not change their course.

As such, everything seemed calm, when suddenly, from night to day, this work, so honoured by the Church throughout the Catholic world, engaged in genuine evangelizing activities replete with proven fruits, runs the risk of having its capacity to do good curtailed, even by the Chair of Truth, without applying to it the much publicized jubilar mercy, the true effects of which are still unknown. Will this work be thrown into the flames of Campo de’Fiori by a modern inquisition, a pharisaical inquisition without Faith, without Law and without sound Doctrine? An inquisition that hastens to pronounce false sentences, joining forces with journalists who arrived to the extreme of affirming that the Heralds are Satanists who plot the death of Francis.

The confirmation of an upcoming canonical visit to the Heralds of the Gospel ended up severing the cohesion of this institution, attained through the arduous efforts and over long decades by the inimitable and submissive charism of Msgr. João Clá.


IV. Foundations for an inquisitorial judgment regarding the Heralds of the Gospel

What is this “canonical” visit to the Heralds of the Gospel based on? On a denouncement that is accusatory and malicious in regard to the dedication, zeal and generosity of its priests, who never hesitated in attending the requests of those persons in need, so emphasized in our day: “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy!” (Mt 5: 7) To the afflicted who sought them out, these priests conferred blessings and offered prayers, with the charitable intention of curing their ills. This is what the Church has always done, following the orientations of its Divine Founder: “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received without paying, give without pay!” (Mt 10: 8)

As sons around their spiritual father, the Herald priests came together with their founder in agreeable familiarity to warmly interchange impressions resulting from supplications of liberation, with selected reports for a study commission. It may be well imagined what is heard during prayers aimed at expelling malignant spirits… nothing other than what is most uncommon, and in the least, apparently absurd. Some meetings were registered by video, without the least intention of their divulgation.

More than a year later, while the Heralds continued their merciful effort of attracting the world toward virtue through the diffusion of beauty and truth, in the most varied sectors of missionary activity ‒ parishes, hospitals, schools, mass-mailings ‒ criminal hands resolved to publish the record of their familial meetings, in a malevolent and irresponsible manner, to a public which in its great majority does not have the sufficient theological knowledge to make an adequate judgement regarding their content.

Consequently, the right to privacy within this institution was violated. The laws of the modern world consider this violation a crime, the sufficient grounds for a penal process of weighty import. And it is based on this illegal violation, that “bergoglian mercy” will apply justice…


V. Who are they to judge us? We recommend that other inquisitorial canonical visits be made…

Since the Heralds will soon receive this visit, which would have as its objective the application of canonical justice, we propose that other serious and impartial investigations also be made. We, the members of this institution, sustained by the belligerent spirit of the TFP, offer our assistance, and take the initiative of listing some suggestions that the media has already considered as most valid. Their mere enumeration, exemplified with certain news items, is already a strong element to prove that the principle plan is, in fact, the auto-demolition of the Holy Catholic Church.

See the following:estandartes - 5

1. Visits to dioceses in Brazil

In the first place, we propose some visits to Brazilian dioceses, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Nova Friburgo, Joinville, Porto Alegre, among others…

We believe it is the case to resolve certain doubts that linger in the minds of the faithful regarding certain moral scandals, which the media took advantage of. For example, it is the case to explain what real measures were taken against a priest from the city of Joinville, in the south of Brazil, imprisoned on accusations of paedophilia.

Would it not also be the case to offer clear explanations regarding the abject details related to another case of paedophilia, practiced by a Catholic priest in Goiás?

But let us not restrict ourselves to the moral conduct of priests. We would be more impartial in also analyzing the episcopate. A certain case that occurred recently deserves mention: the Pope accepted the renunciation of Aldo di Cillo Pagotto, Archbishop of Paraíba, due to a scandal of paedophilia!  (in English, with less details).

There would be many canonical visits to be made in Brazil. These are just a few suggestions…

estandartes - 5

2. Visits to dioceses around the World

In the rest of the Americas, some dioceses also need to be visited. The homeland of Francis could inaugurate the inquisitorial work. Recently, Holy Communion was administered there in an ostensive manner to couples living in public adultery.

In the Old Continent, problems requiring canonical intervention seem to be rapidly multiplying: based on Amoris Lætitia absolution and Holy Communion for adulterers are promoted in Sicily.

In Malta, no one speaks any longer about the necessity of the state of grace to participate in the sacramental life of the Church. There, the important thing is to be “in peace with God” ‒ according to one’s own conscience, of course ‒ in order to receive the Eucharist. Would it not be the case to better explain the meaning of this expression, entirely absent from all catechisms, whether traditional or modern, which is a condition for the reception of Holy Communion?

Of course, there are those who claim that Amoris Lætitia reforms doctrine. In that case, we don’t need canonical visits, rather a new Code of Canon Law and a new Catechism of the Catholic Church. Perhaps this would avoid the impression that the doctrine bequeathed by Christ is being altered, or that a new sacrilegious religion of Satan is being founded. All the more, since the doctrinal “development” that is being proposed does not quite stop there…

estandartes - 5

3. Visit to the Company of Jesus

Why not also visit some religious orders? One could start with the Jesuits, for to them doctrinal “advances” are also being attributed. This would even alleviate the situation of the Heralds a little, although a visit to them would lose its raison d’être. For while the Heralds are accused of a pact with the devil, the “black pope” ‒ as the superior-general of the Jesuits is known ‒ affirms that the devil is merely a symbolic figure.

estandartes - 5

4. Visit to the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life

May an impartial investigation also be made with respect to the economic administration exercised by Msgr. José Carballo,  and, above all, a detailed examination of the bizarre destiny that this Franciscan gave to properties of the Seraphic Order in the city of Rome.

And what to think of facts that are doing the rounds in the Eternal City, as in Brazil, regarding the calamitous consequences of the habitual drunkenness of the Prefect of this Congregation, the Brazilian Cardinal João Brás de Avis? We will not, at least for now, go into details…

estandartes - 5

5. Visit to the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts

Faithful to the transparency proposed by Pope Francis, we also consider enticing the prospect of a canonical visit to this Pontifical Council, with the intent of verifying the apparent omission of its Cardinal Prefect, with respect to the activities of his secretary. As reported a few days ago, the pontifical gendarmerie interrupted a gay orgy in one of the official apartments of the Vatican, during which heavy narcotics were served Sources that point to the presence of his eminence on that occasion aren’t lacking either…

estandartes - 5

6. Visit to the Pontifical Academy for Life

In this sector of the Vatican, we think it the case to simply examine the coherence between the doctrines that it should defend and the practices it spreads. For, what would John Paul II say, if he saw that the Pontifical Academy for Life had introduced gender ideology within its own statute? Or if he knew that a member of this same Academy, Fr. Maurizio Chiodi, is in favour of euthanasia? And another member, Nigel Biggar, favours abortion? And that Canadian bishops actively finance pro-abortion organizations in Latin America?

estandartes - 5

7. Visit to Santa Marta

In Santa Marta, a visit would have the objective of better investigating the mysterious death of one of its receptionists, and subsequently, attempting to understand the nomination of an active homosexual for the direction of the very residence where Francis lives, and more recently, to a post of importance in the reform of the IOR, the well known Vatican Bank. Is there some reason for this?

estandartes - 5

8. College of Cardinals

It is indispensable to examine the reasons that brought Msgr. Jean Zerbo to the cardinalate, despite the 15 million Euros in his personal account in Switzerland. This is absolutely necessary in order to defend the reputation of the one who nominated him, for it has nothing in common with his espousing “lady poverty.”

It would also be necessary to investigate the case of Cardinal Pell, the head of finances in Francis’ pontificate ‒ currently, perhaps, number 3 in the Vatican ‒ who left his post to answer to accusations of sexual abuse against minors.

“Fire, fire, fire!” “Fire in the house of God!” We are all inclined to believe that St. Louis Grignion de Montfort prophetically saw all of this when he composed his Fiery Prayer.



VI. Conclusion: reasons for our manifesto- denunciation

Someone might ask: what brings us to take this attitude?

Our response is decisive: love for the Holy Church of God!

Yes! Until now we have remained in silence, for we judged that our collaboration with the Sacred Hierarchy ‒ in the attempt to offer them fruits of true conversion ‒ would always find their support, and contribute in some way toward a change of scenario. But now that we are attacked, our silence before so many scandals would be criminal, for it would bring innumerous disoriented souls to lose the Faith.

Thus, we elevate our gaze toward the Virgin Mary, Mother of God and of the Church, to St. Joseph, its glorious Patron and protector, supplicating that they intervene in this terrible crisis. And together with them we direct our constant clamour to God: Let God arise, let the enemies of His Church be scattered (cf. Ps 68:1); Rouse thyself! Why sleepest thou, O Lord? (cf. Ps 44:23).

Arise, o Lord and fulfil your promise, that the “gates of hell will not prevail” (Mt 16:18) against thy Church! Arise, Lord, so that there be only one flock and one Shepherd! Arise, Lord, and bring the immediate fulfilment of the promises made by our Mother and thine, in the Cova da Iria: “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will Triumph!”

Members of the Heralds of the Gospel, dissidents of the TFP

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